‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Who’s guilty of the ‘ultimate betrayal’?

We know that “Pretty Little Liars” likes to keep some of its biggest mysteries a secret until closing out a season, and for their summer finale coming up on August 28, we are going to have an opportunity to see at least one more major shocker reverberate through all of Rosewood. What is it? In a new post on the ABC Family show’s official site, there is an event described a “betrayal” of trust — while this could mean that we learn who another member of the “A Team” is, that is not necessarily guaranteed.

So who are the suspects? Let’s look at them all below, along with a brief assessment of each:

The four Liars – Could we really see Aria, Spencer, Hanna, or Emily betraying the group? It’s possible, but it really seems pretty unlikely given that they have been set up as the for ladies who we are supposed to trust. Hanna is really the only one with any sort of motivation, if only because she may want to still defend Mona for some sort of silly reason.

Aria’s father Byron, Hanna’s mother Ashley, and Spencer’s sister Melissa – More strange choices. This show is dark, but dark to the point of parents going after their children? We don’t see it. We also have a hard time seeing Melissa being involved in a huge way, mostly because Torrey DeVitto’s involvement here is limited thanks to “The Vampire Diaries.”

Caleb and Toby – These two guys are the younger love interests on the show, and they seemingly don’t have that much to hide. If we were to place a target on one of them, though, it would be Toby due to his connection with Jenna.

Ezra – Is he almost too obvious of a pick at this point? He seems to love Aria, but we’ve also learned that he is not above lying to her or hiding certain parts of his past. Could he be keeping a secret that could devastate the group forever?

Lucas – This choice is really too obvious for is own good. It’s not even really a betrayal at this point if Lucas does something to hurt the girls.

Paige – Based on how she reacted to Emily watching Maya’s tapes — which was incredibly rational and pensive for a teenager — we’re the most suspicious of her. At the moment, she just seems to be “too” perfect, and she never was like this before this season.

Who do you think is the most likely candidate to be working behind the Liars’ back? Be sure to share your thoughts below! To check out a promo for next week’s new episode, pay a visit to the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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