‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The road to the Head of Household

Now that we are near the live “Big Brother 14” eviction show, it’s time look forward to what is coming up next — namely, the competition to see who is going to be the next Head of Household. So who is planning ahead — and even getting a little bit ahead of themselves? Read on, but be warned that the following contains spoilers from he live feed.

The first thing we can say for sure here is that it has not taken Frank long at all to say that he wants Dan out of this game sooner rather than later, mostly because he hasn’t forgotten what happened to him last week when he was nearly backdoored in secret. However, Boogie is talking him out of that for the time being, mostly since Dan could be an asset and it would be silly to turn on the “Silent Six” alliance that quickly. These two said yesterday that they wanted to stick with their group next week if they win HoH, though Boogie has also talked about targeting Britney, since she is a major social threat in this game. On a separate note, Frank is so confident he is staying that he’s not even packing his bags fully.

As for some other players, the alliance of Wil, Jenn, and Ashley have already picked up on who the four people in power are, and expect one of them to go after Shane, Dan, Danielle, or Britney if they were to win Head of Household tonight. Ian is a bit of a wild card, and we honestly wouldn’t be shocked if he threw the challenge so he remains everybody’s buddy for the time being. (Sooner or later, though, he has to figure out who he wants to really support at the end of the day.)

The one person who is panicking? Joe, and he considered even calling a house meeting this afternoon to vent about some “lies” that were being told for the house. Luckily for him (but unfortunately for us), Janelle stopped him by reminding him that she is on the block. Meanwhile, Danielle also calmed him down by assuring him that nobody was talking smack about him.

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Photo: CBS

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