‘True Blood’ season 5: Todd Lowe talks balance with Terry

When we watch any work that has supernatural creatures on it — whether it be “True Blood,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and even the “Twilight” series of films — there seems to be one constant in that the characters tend to become more supernatural as the show goes along. Just to use the first show as an example (which is appropriate, given how it is the focus of this story), this season we have seen Tara become a vampire, Sookie hone her fairy powers, and even more werewolves than we ever have before.

With that in mind, characters like Terry Bellefleur are extremely important in incorporating a little bit of much-needed balance into the show. Although even he has been associated with the supernatural world to some extent this year, he has found a way to remain human and grounded in a family life with Arlene. Speaking to Rolling Stone in a new interview, this is what Terry tries to emphasize:

“I think we need humans in there for balance – to give supernatural characters more weight. If there are no humans left, it becomes like a Dungeons and Dragons game; there’s gotta be something that grounds it in reality. So I’m happy staying human; whatever the writers want to do with me is fine. If they want to at the end of the series reveal that I’m the Easter Bunny, I’ll take that and play it as straight as I can. But no, I prefer staying human. All of Terry’s monsters are on the inside.”

Now that the person responsible for his demons in Patrick is dead, it is interesting to see where this story with Terry is going to go. Our guess? We will be introduced to something in the final three episodes that stretches until the end of the season.

What do you want to see happen with Terry moving forward? To check out some scoop about the final few episodes of the season, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: HBO

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