‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: New boss on Misha Collins, Jim Beaver

There are many reasons that we are consistently entertained with “Supernatural,” and one of them is how the show constantly is able to reinvent ways to use familiar faces — regardless of whether or not their characters have technically “died” on the show already.

When it comes to Misha Collins’ Castiel, we’ve already seen that happen. The character was seemingly gone from the world early on in season 7, but soon came back only to find himself with Dean in Purgatory during last season’s finale. So what sort of story should we expect this time around with him? While we have heard a few details here and there already, new showrunner Jeremy Carver does his best in an interview with IGN to explain just how exciting it is for him to work with a story that is between the traditional lines of Heaven and Hell:

“One of the things were doing is, I think a lot of shows — and I could be wrong; I could be speaking completely out of school here — it feels like a lot of shows, when they send someone to Heaven or Hell, they largely ignore it when they come back. This year, we’ve made the decision to go for it and really explore what happened in Purgatory and sort of introduce this new world and new characters and new relationships. That’s where we’ll be coming in and understanding exactly what happen to Cas, why he flipped out there at the end of the finale, and what the time in Purgatory did to Dean. It’s all going to be explored with great action, drama and melodrama. No one is more of a fan of Dean and Cas than I am.”

So since Castiel has already been brought back, can we expect the same thing to happen with Jim Beaver’s Bobby? We know that the actor’s appearance at Comic-Con this year certainly is a cause for excitement, but for now Carver is staying mum on his future.

What face from seasons past on the show would you like to see during season 8? To find out some more “Supernatural” news when it comes to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, be sure to check out our story at this link.

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