‘Jersey Shore’ season 6 spoilers: Pauly D on new dynamic with Snooki

When we first heard that “Jersey Shore” was going to tape a sixth season while Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was six months pregnant, we knew that it was going to be different. How different? As we’ve reported previously, the pint-sized reality star is not even going to be living in the same house as the rest of her co-stars.

Rather than this being a big deal, though, one of Snooki’s close pals claims that it was actually not that big of a deal at all. Speaking to MTV News in a new interview, Pauly D claims that really allowed everyone — including Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — to come together as a family. In addition, Snooki’s new accommodations pretty much gave the gang another fun place to hang out:

“[It used to be] Nicole with partying, partying, partying, but now she lived next door, so it was different … She had this porch, and then me and Vinny would kick down Snooki’s porch [door] every day. We loved that porch. I was there more than my own house.”

Vinny and Pauly have what can be best described now as the perfect “bromance” thanks to their time together on this show, as they have partied together and even gone through some tough times. In season 6, we predict the bond will be tighter than ever, as they are now the only two people who both started and ended the season without going through any sort of romantic relationship. All the girls plus Ronnie went into filming this season already in a committed relationship, and The Situation decided to finally seal the deal with Paula during filming.

Do you think that season 6 really will be as entertaining as the ones before it, or is Pauly really just trying to hype he show up for hype’s sake?┬áTo check out a new video featuring Pauly and the rest of the cast that was filmed after season 6, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: MTV

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