‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Another piece of the poster puzzle

After releasing the first part of the new poster for “Dexter” season 7 a little earlier in the week, we now have the newest piece to speculate over. Is there any big takeaway as to what Showtime is to yet? Hardly, but there is a certain grin on Michael C. Hall’s face to suggest that the title character is certainly not up to anything good.

This poster is titled “Lies,” and there’s definitely something sinister going on here. Did he find a way to cover up killing anyone other than Travis Marshall? Is he somehow liberated by the fact that someone else knows his secret? Considering his thoughts on the latter idea in the past, this seems to be rather unlikely — but we’re also a little confused as to what Dexter really has to smile about at the moment. His life and his secret is at greater risk than it has ever been in the series, and now that Deb knows one thing, she is inevitably going to be a little bit more suspicious about every move he makes.

The fact that Showtime has already released two of these is a pretty good sign that there are more coming, and we’ll probably have the next one early next week unless they decide to be extra king and send out another image tomorrow. Considering how excited we are getting about just a series of images, we can say without question that we’re already thrilled beyond reason to see what happens now that the stakes have been raised.

What do you think these series of poster-bites mean, and is here some sort of reason for releasing them like this? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out the first image one more time to try and line some of these up in your head, be sure to visit the story over at this link.

Update: So much for waiting — Showtime just went ahead and unveiled the full poster. It looks great, but we’re a little disappointed given their mysterious strategy of releasing it as if there was a big reveal.

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