‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: A trivia mystery — HoH or something else?

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We have an unusual sight on the “Big Brother 14” live feeds considering that it is Wednesday night — Trivia! For those of you who don’t have the feeds, this is the sort of thing that is typically only reserved for when there is something lengthy happening for TV a la a challenge, a ceremony, or some sort of prearranged event that the tricky producers want to leave as a surprise so that everyone tunes in on a show.

To see this happen over the weekend is no surprise — but we are a little stunned for the night before an eviction. What are the possibilities? We can really only think of three given that there was no previously-announced party that they would pull the feeds down for:

1. Head of Household preparation – The houseguests may be seeing or doing something at the moment that is preparation for the HoH Thursday night, and if this is the case they will likely be talking about it once the feeds come back up. (If they are up before we sign off for the night, we’ll update the post — if not, we’ll have more in the morning.)

2. Pandora’s Box – Considering that this is usually done before the Veto Ceremony — and much later in the game — we have a hard time imagining that this is going on. Then again, maybe producers are so desperate to save Janelle that they are trying to rig the game for two weeks in a row. Expect the unexpected!

3. An emergency – Ashley has not felt particularly well today, so it’s possible there could be a doctor rushing in to to see about her. We don’t think she’s leaving the game, but if she does hypothetically it would be interesting to see what happens. Would they vote out Janelle, and then name a new Head of Household Thursday? If nothing else, it would give production the option to spare Janelle and have all the players that they want yet again. But as we said, this is extremely unlikely — and we don’t really even know if Ashley is in that bad a shape. We just know that she’s been having back problems since the first week.

Update: The feeds were back up briefly, and it appears as though the big event was the halfway party — Ashley’s okay, everyone’s still in the house, and it doesn’t look like there was anything related to the HoH challenge happening. Then again, you never quite know for sure with this game…

It is strange, though, to see the halfway party happening with so many people left. There was some sort of food fight, and people are in the kitchen cleaning up.

Stay tuned — we’ll have more updates here as they happen. To check out our full review of Wednesday night’s episode, click here — and be sure to read some more of our live feed updates in the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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