‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: whining and a shout-out squabble

Who’s in trouble?

Now that one of the nominees has pretty much resigned themselves to their fate in the “Big Brother” house, we are getting the opportunity to witness something rather excruciating — an attempt to create trouble where there is none.

(Warning: the following contains potential spoilers.)

Knowing that Brendon is going to be leaving the game Thursday night, Rachel has decided to lose her mind on anyone and everyone who does something she doesn’t like. For example, when Daniele told Shelly that she included a shout-out to her daughter in the Head of Household blog (which has not been posted as of this writing), Rachel went ballistic and accused Daniele of emotionally “manipulating” one of her fellow contestants. Daniele ultimately denied trying to do anything of the sort, saying instead that she was really just trying to make a nice gesture to someone who clearly misses their daughter.

Following this, Rachel decided to spend most of her night complaining to Brendon about how unfair it is that people who play hard leave the game early — and said that from now on, she is just going to try and play like Lawon so that she can float through every challenge and never be in any danger.

Unfortunately for Rachel, what she doesn’t seem to realize (yet again) is that her constant whining and attitude towards this game is going to make her a target next week — even Jeff and Jordan are saying just how irritated they are by her at this point.

Do you think Rachel will go on the block if she doesn’t win Head of Household?

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