‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Britney’s Shane-tervention

Sometimes in the “Big Brother” house, you need a little bit of help to see the forest through the trees — and this is what one well-known contestant in Britney Haynes is doing in order to help Danielle deal with her crush on Shane — a man who clearly has little to no romantic feelings for her at all.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from the live feed.)

Instead of talking strategy on Wednesday — which seems to be a little bit of a moot point considering that Janelle seems to be leaving the house by a pretty wide margin — the only thing of interest that really happened was Danielle talking about her favorite subject in herself. She is slightly worried that a guy she was about to be in a relationship with at home is going to be upset after seeing her kiss Shane in the house (you think?), and she’s having a tough time dealing with some of the mixed signals that are being thrown her way. Shane is flirting with her and being somewhat cuddly here, but also says that he has no interest in a long-term relationship.

What Britney says in response is pretty funny considering that he was once her team member — she warns Danielle that this would be the type of guy she would warn her against were they out in the real world, but in here it’s best to just go along with it and realize that there is really not going to be anything serious that materializes out of it. Watching the strange relationship here between these two makes for entertainment gold on the live feed, especially since for whatever reason they seem desperate on the actual show to make this relationship out to be something more than it actually is.

Can you see Danielle turning on Shane at some point if she gets frustrated enough with his conflicting messages, and how frustrating do you think it is going to be for Shane to try and flirt with someone he’s not really that interested in being with out of fear of turning her against him? To check out some more scoop of the day regarding Boogie and Frank, be sure and check out the link here.

Photo: CBS

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