‘So You Think You Can Dance’: all about Sasha Mallory, Melanie Moore

Sasha was strong again.

Over the past two weeks on “So You Think You Dance,” we have seen quite a cordial race kick off between Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore when it comes to who could actually be the best overall dancer. Both ladies bring so much passion, talent, and energy to the table — and it is going to be a heck of a race to see who ends up ultimately walking away with this title next week.

At this point in the competition, it is getting rather hard to rank the contenders since they all are truly spectacular — however, ’tis our job as the recapper to give our assessment.

6. Ricky Jaime – In a sense, it really feels mean to even put Ricky at the very bottom of this. His All-Star routine was lyrical and rather fantastic, and his solo may very well be his best of the season. Unfortunately, Ricky’s problem throughout has been a lack of popping off the screen — he can dance, but his failures in the whacking routine showed that he struggles when he is not moving constantly.

5. Tadd Gadduang – This has been a tricky season for the guys. Because the women are so strong this season, it has almost at times felt as though the choreographers have not shown the men off as much. Case in point? Tadd this week. His first routine relied heavily on a chandelier prop that made this into more of an acrobat show than a dance competition, and then his later routine was more of a showcase for Melanie. We have seen so much charm and energy from Tadd this season — but his biggest flaw may simply be never landing in the right routines at the right time.

4. Caitlynn Lawson – While it seems almost like a foregone conclusion that Caitlynn will be the final female to leave this competition, hats off to the girl for completely bringing it during this episode. Not only was she sensational in a ballroom routine (which are usually some of the hardest to get excited about), but her closing number with Marko was probably the second-best routine of the entire night. If she does leave, she has plenty to be proud of.

3. Marko Germar – On most seasons, Marko would be a threat to win it all — unfortunately for him, his former dance partner in Melanie is projected by many at this point to be ahead of him in that race. For the first time, the judges seemed a bit too harsh on Marko for what seemed to be a sensational paso doble — and then, he closed things off with the number with Caitlynn that was simply stellar (even with him playing the unlikable character of an abusive man).

2. Melanie Moore – Last week, Melanie was #1 — and this week, the tables have turned. Melanie’s hip-hop with tWitch may have been the weakest routine of the entire competition — while the judges loved it, her movements lacked the sort of “hard” passion that you need from this sort of dance (particularly with the “Big Bad Wolf” theme). While her second dance with Tadd was a lovely dance studio-themed number, her solo is what stands out this week. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have just witnessed one of the best solos ever in the competition.

1. Sasha Mallory – At this point, the race between #1 and #2 is so tight we’re judging it on one criteria only — which dancer gave the best routine of the night. This week, it was Sasha with her dance with All-Star Kent. There was so much emotion and so much pain in every movement that you could feel it. Very few times has such tragedy and strength played out on the stage simultaneously. As someone who does not appreciate whacking as a dance style as much as others, the second routine didn’t do as much on this end — even if she was technically flawless.

Who is your favorite right now to win it all?

Photo: Fox

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