‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: More news on Lancelot

We already know that there are a plethora of new characters coming on board this season of “Once Upon a Time,” and one that has in particular secured plenty of attention is one from what many don’t consider to be much of a fairy-tale character at all — Lancelot from the legend of King Arthur. We don’t necessarily know just how he is going to show up yet on the show, but he does bring a different feel as a knight whose “princess” (in Guinevere) happens to have a lengthy history with another man.

So are we going to see any other characters from the legend on the show this season? For the time being, we don’t quite know — however, actor Sinqua Walls (who is going to take on the part) told fan site Once Upon a Fan in an extensive new interview (which is especially great for any longtime fans of this character) that Arthur and Guinevere may already be in his past:

“Since he’s already been banished, I don’t know if we’ll play around with flashbacks. But since there are multiple realities, and we’re always going between the present and the past, there are many possibilities to explore.”

Walls also suggested heavily that we are going to meet who Lancelot is in Storybrooke at some point during his run on the show, but of course could not elaborate on this any further than that without giving anything major at all. He also explained that when he auditioned for this role, he didn’t even know just who he was playing at the time (which is a bit of an intimidating thought).

What sort of storyline do you want to see from the character this season? Be sure and share some of your thoughts below! To check out just who is going to be the focus of the September 30 premiere, be sure and check out the story here.

Photo: ABC

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