‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Frank and Boogie’s future plans

With everyone basically lying about who is going to go home on Thursday night’s live “Big Brother 14” eviction show, it’s really not the most exciting week of all time in the live feeds. No one is panicking, and there aren’t the sort of blow-ups that we would really want to see.

However, Frank and Mike “Boogie” had a pretty fascinating talk on Wednesday morning before anyone else was awake, and we really did learn quite a bit of interesting information about their plans in the process. First and foremost, it looks as though these guys are actually intent on staying with their “Avengers” alliance with Shane, Britney, Dan, and Danielle for the time being rather than stabbing them in the back — Joe and Wil are the next two targets, with the loudest houseguest alive being the first one to likely be sent packing.

However, they also are making sure that they keep their options over. If either one of these guys wins Head of Household, the plan (if they can convince the right people) is to put up Dan along with Joe, mostly so that nobody else suspects that there is an alliance going on in the house. Dan was so keen on keeping Frank up this week, so he really would have to go along with it if he is staying true to that philosophy. These two guys are also planning to make sure that everything is still good with Jenn, despite some drama coming out over the talk about Boogie wanting to trade her back when the coaches’ twist was still going on.

As for other topics of conversation, both agree that they underestimated Danielle as a player, and want to keep her around for a while since she could be valuable — meanwhile, they also are still enjoying bashing Janelle, and doing their best to hype up just how “epic” the next two episodes are going to be.

Do you think someone is going to turn on Boogie and Frank before they turn on other players? We want to hear your thoughts below! ┬áTo check out the latest chapter of the Shane and Danielle “no-mance,” be sure to check out the story over at this link.

Photo: CBS

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