‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Scoop from Jamie Lannister

Even though there is already a pretty clear road map out there for “Game of Thrones” fans in the George R.R. Martin books, it is still hard to get any of the actors from the show to actually divulge something related to the plot. With that in mind, it’s strange to say that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau managed to somehow give one of the best teasers yet for season 3 without really saying anything too substantial at all.

Speaking in a new interview with Digital Spy, the one thing that Coster-Waldau did promise about the new season airing March 30 is that there is going to be plenty of action for his character:

“We’re shooting season three now and it’s going very well. Jaime Lannister, my character, he has a great year, it’s a great season for him. He’s out of prison and he’s on the move.”

In some ways, Jamie has underwent a great transformation through no circumstance of his own. During the first season, he was regarded mostly as a villain who practiced incest and was unafraid to take on any opponent in ruthless fashion. He’s still the same guy, but his imprisonment with the Starks turned him into a bit of an underdog. This is really what makes much of the Lannister family so compelling — even when you don’t want to root for them, there is still something that is beyond captivating to watch. We are mostly interested in seeing now if being on the road with Brienne somehow allows the two of them to form a tight bond.

Has the character of Jamie changed at all to you since the beginning of the show, or are you merely more compelled to root for him now due to him being in such a rough situation? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more scoop pertaining to Ygritte and Jon Snow, be sure to visit our story here.

Photo: HBO

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