‘The Glee Project’ review: Who made it to the finale?

Now that Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Glee Project” is over, all we have to do is now just sit around and wait for the finale to arrive. The tension was higher than ever, and we saw a “music video” that was really not a video at all — instead, it was a trailer for a fake movie that showed off some of the best performances we have seen from the contestants yet.

We’ve went through some details about this video before, but really to us the standout here was Michael Weisman, who completely brought his game to a new level with intensity, emotion, and even a little bit of charm. We also do have to give a bit of recognition to Blake Jenner, who played the part of a high school jerk effortlessly and showed that he can be more than just a prototypical “good guy.”

In he first twist of the night, though, there was no bottom three — and instead, all five cast members ended up performing in front of Ryan and the “Glee” writing staff. Want minor impressions?

Michael, “Girls Just Want To Fun” – The performance seemed very short, but it was strong based on what we saw.

Lily Mae Harrington, “Son of a Preacher Man” – Did Lily Mae do a little too much with this song? It was great, but for whatever reason we thought it to be a little bit over-the-top.

Ali Stroker, “Here’s To Us” – For her first performance in front of Ryan, Ali did a great job — but was this really the best song for her?

Blake, “Here’s Still Standing” – Meanwhile, this was a great song for Blake, since it forced him to have some fun and actually move around the stage a little.

Aylin Bayramoglu, “Fighter” – Why would the show make Aylin sing Christina Aguilera? We don’t necessarily think that she is the strongest overall singer on the season, but she performs really well. Not only that, but everyone is completely enamored with her story among the staff.

There was some debate at getting rid of more than one contender before the finale, and all of the writers seemed to have their favorites. Personally, we probably would have sent home Lily Mae — and the producers agreed, but also sent home Michael in what was one of the biggest surprises of the entire season. Why send the guy home on his best night? With these moves, Ryan has certainly set the stage for a finale where just about anything could go — and it’s really all going to be about who is the best fit on the show for what the writers want to do.

What did you think about this episode, and the lineup for the finale? To check out our exclusive interview last week with Shanna Henderson, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Oxygen

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