2012 Emmy rankings: Can ‘Project Runway’ take down ‘The Amazing Race’?

Now that we are done ranking some of the major categories for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards, we are now taking our attention elsewhere — namely to the world of reality competition shows. This may actually be one of the most bizarre fields that the voters have come up with. You have a few shows with disappointing seasons, one that is only really good for about the first half of its run, and finally one that really just so happens to win more or less by default. What about “American Idol” or “Survivor”? Even some excellent-but-overlooked shows like “RuPaul’s Drag Race” or “The Celebrity Apprentice” should have been considered here.

But enough complaining … let’s get to the rankings for Reality – Competition Program.

6. “The Voice” – Did the voters not bother with this show after the blind auditions? We’re not entirely sure. This is why “American Idol” should have been here instead for being a little bit more of a complete product.

5. “Project Runway” – In order to win this award, the one thing we look at is if a show managed to bring something to the table that it has not brought in recent seasons. “Project Runway” was good, but it was constant — and were it not for Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, we’re really not sure that it would even be here.

4. “Dancing with the Stars” – Arguably, the past two seasons of “Dancing” have been its worst since the show’s early years. Why? There were no real stars that were enormously popular before the series began. The one thing that somewhat redeemed the show in the all was Carson Kressley, but his entertainment could not make up for lower ratings and a competitive spring season that lost some of the show’s sense of fun.

3. “The Amazing Race” – The race is still strong, but is it as strong as it once was? As Brendon and Rachel fans, we really did enjoy some of the drama from this past season; but even still, there’s no questioning that this is a show in a dire need of a facelift. There needs to be some new twists to the format, and casting that is not just about getting people who are marginally famous for something.

2. “Top Chef” – We considering “Top Chef” to be the black truffle of reality TV, but even this Texas-themed season was somewhat disappointing. hanks to an annoying twist that gave us what was more or less an audition round, the characters were unbalanced and, outside of winner Paul, there really wasn’t anyone to root for.

1. “So You Think You Can Dance” – Now, we finally have something positive to say! The battle between Melanie Moore and Sasha Mallory has summer was thrilling TV — there was comedy, drama, and intensity on par with any other series on TV, and you could tell that these two finalists were putting their all into everything they were doing on the floor. It’s almost sad watching this season of the show compared to what may have been the show’s greatest year ever last summer.

Who do you want to see take home this award? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more of our Emmy ranking series, be sure to either click on the image to the right or this link.

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