‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Worries over workouts

It looks we have a repeat of sorts going on this week in the “Big Brother 14” house — someone being old by just about everyone that they are safe, when it reality the odds seem to be heavily pointing to them going out the door.

So who is getting lied to this week? Don’t read on if you want to be surprised on the live show.

Despite some heavy campaigning to the likes of Dan and many of her team members, Janelle is is much bigger trouble than she realizes. Wil and Britney are in particular lying to her face when it comes to their promises to vote for her to stay in the house, and Ashley and Dan are likely doing the same exact thing. As a matter of fact, Joe seems to be the only person who is going to vote to save Janelle — and nobody plans on informing him as to what is going on just so he can be that much more on an island. Wil is furious about some of he rumors he has spread around the house about him, and he told Head of Household Danielle as such on Tuesday afternoon. He’s also lying to Janelle about his vote as payback for the lies she has supposedly said about him.

Just for the sake of their own peace and quiet, Danielle seems to be also engaging in another game — avoiding Janelle at all costs. In some ways there is irony here — she was actually upset about Janelle not asking her to work out with her before the Veto Ceremony, and now she is trying to get out of working out by saying that she is tired. It’s also extremely hot out, so she could make the excuse that she doesn’t want to boil in the sun.

So here’s the real rundown of what is probably going to happen Thursday. Janelle will leave almost unanimously, and Joe is going to be put on the block as soon as possible. We’re not sure if there is going to be anything else exciting that happens in the next two days, but we’ll have more updates just in case.

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Photo: CBS

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