Kanye West’s new song ‘Perfect B**ch’ carries Kim Kardashian dedication

Mrs. Carter: Kanye West has an interesting way of showing his affection.

A few months after the news was announced the world that he was dating Kim Kardashian — and that he had a line in he song “Theraflu” inspired by her — the Grammy-winning rapper has announced the name of a new song that is already stirring up all sorts of controversy. Why? Let’s just say it’s all in a name.

In a new post on Kanye’s rarely-used Twitter account (of which Kim is the only person he follows), here is what he had to say:

“I wrote the song Perfect B–ch about Kim”

On most occasions, finding out that someone wrote a song about you would be met with a chorus of “awws.” However, it’s a little bit different when one of the words of the title is a derogatory term. This is where the debate really starts to ┬árise as to what is offensive to some and not offensive to others. In Kanye’s world of hip-hop music, this is a word that is used all the time despite those claiming that it is misogynistic, and he is even using it in this context as a compliment. Then again, Kanye also comes from a world in which the n-word is still used in regularity as though it is also not a big deal.

Thus far, the reaction has been decidedly mixed to the song’s title. While there are some of Kanye’s fans who feel that the gesture is sweet — and Kim may even be one of them — there have been plenty of others who aren’t fans of it at all.

Where do you stand when it comes to the title of this song — and is it a romantic gesture? To check out some more news about whether or not Kim’s sister Khloe is joining “The X Factor” this coming season, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Glenn Francis

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