‘American Horror Story’ season 2 spoilers: More on Bloody Face

Do we have our first official “villain” of sorts for the second season of “American Horror Story“? While it is not much to go on at the moment, executive producer Ryan Murphy was at least kind enough to share a detail about a character that we have only seen so far this season on a wall next to Adam Levine:

“Bloody Face is this year’s Rubber Man.”

As those of you who watched season 1 of the show already know, Rubber Man was one of the primary antagonists for the Harmons in the house, and some of the terror that he helped to cause remains embedded in our heads to this day. Is Bloody face going to be a real character, or just a figment of certain characters’ imaginations? That is still a question worthy of debate, once you consider that this season is set within an insane asylum during 1960s Boston. Murphy has also said that this season will in many ways be more “traditional” in its horror, and rely a little bit less on ghosts and other supernatural beings to achieve its effect.

There were also a few other assorted details that Murphy shared during his Twitter Q&A with fans:

-Based on the fact that the second episode is themed around Halloween, we are guessing that the premiere date is going to be in mid-to-late October.

-There is an all-new title sequence being filmed this time around, and it may or may not use the same music.

-Jessica Lange is going to be neither fully good or fully evil as a nun overseeing the operation.

What do you think — is Bloody Face a person, someone out to kill the patients, or just a ghost story that the patients are dreaming up? We want to hear your thoughts below! To check out some recent comments Levine made about his casting, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: NBC

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