‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rankings: Whitney Carson, Lindsay Arnold face off

Update: Apologies or the confusion, but new episodes will resume next week due to the Olympics. We were relying on a faulty programming guide, and regret the error.

It may be hard to remember given the long layoff, but there is a new episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” airing on Wednesday night — and with that in mind, we are now getting around to taking a look at where some of these remaining pairs stand.

For those wondering, we are about to get to the part of the season where we will rank individually — but now, we are still at the phase where if one person in your pairing fails, the other will, as well.

7. Matthew Kazmierciak and Audrey Case – The last time we ranked the contenders, they were much higher — but their recent ballroom performance was a struggle, and neither dancer has stood out as a favorite of the viewers in terms of being memorable.

6. Dareian Kujawa and Janelle Issis – We feel for them after having to watch a cha-cha to “Call Me Maybe.” This performance was in no way their fault, but having a song that doesn’t fit the dance can still hurt the routine and the people voting at home.

5. George Lawrence II and Tiffany Maher – We’ve seen it time and time again on this show — a pair of dancers who are quite good, but for some reason cannot connect with America. We were stunned to see George in the bottom three the last time the show aired, and we fear that it may happen again even though he is a strong performer.

4. Will Thomas and Amelia Lowe – Do you see how far having a memorable look can go? Amelia has been a little inconsistent at times this season (the same goes for Will), but their partnership is different than any of the others. So few people voting at home are the Travis Walls and Christopher Scotts of the world. They are people who just want to be entertained, and Amelia does that.

3. Cyrus Spencer and Eliana Girard – You can really say the same exact thing now about Cyrus — he may be the weakest dancer left, but America loves an underdog — especially one who puts in so much work and enthusiasm into everything he does. That work showed in a routine that was his and Eliana’s best of the season two weeks ago.

2. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Whitney Carson – They’ve done Bollywood, and have also performed to a Whitney Houston classic. You may as well check all of the boxes here. Chehon has overcome having a name that no one can pronounce to being a favorite, which is something that Whitney has been since the beginning.

1. Cole Horibe and Lindsay Arnold – We love how Vegas Week showed us the friendly rivalry between Whitney and Lindsay, and they are both worthy of making it to the end. (We wonder if the “Dancing with the Stars” producers are already scouting them.) What is the most impressive thing about Cole is that he has been great every week, and has also learned how to channel some of his intensity into the more emotional pieces.

Who are your favorite dancers at the moment? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out our last review of a performance show, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: FX

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