‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: What is the new poster a reference to?

We have another new poster for the upcoming seventh season of “Dexter” — or, at least a part of it. Showitme, in an effort to be even more tricky than ever before, has decided to release only a part of the image in Dexter’s eye. Really, this looks just as much like a still from the first season of “Lost” as anything else.

So what is Dexter really looking it? The only thing that is really present in this photo to speculate about is the fact that he is clearly looking at some sort of bright light — whether it be a TV screen, a brightly-lit room, or something else. There has to be some significance to it here, since otherwise we don’t really know what is particularly interesting about looking at a part of a man’s face.

The assumption is that Showtime is going to release more pieces of this puzzle in the weeks ahead as a way to facilitate excitement in the new season, which premieres in just over a month on September 30. We already know that Ray Stevenson and Yvonne Strahovski are going to be two of the guest stars who play a major role, but it is unclear if either one of them is actually going to be the “big bad” or if it will be someone else entirely. Personally, we have a special spot in our heart from season 2, when Dexter really was in many ways his own worst enemy.

Do you think there is any particular significance to what Dexter is looking at in this photo, or are we really just reading way too much into this? We want to hear some of your theories below! To check out a shocker that we are going to see during the season premiere, be sure and pay a visit to this link.

Photo: Showtime

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