‘Jersey Shore’ season 6: Pauly D talks rumors of ‘the end’

So is season 6 of “Jersey Shore” really going to be the last one? When you look at the declining ratings for season 5, coupled with the fact that many of the cast members are starting to mature and move on to other phases of their lives, this does seem to be the general consensus among many fans and TV analysts. However, rumors do not necessarily equal facts — and according to one of the show’s stars, no decision has been made yet.

Speaking in a new interview with the New York Daily News, Pauly D — who has seen his DJ career skyrocket since joining the show to the tune of more than $10 million — admits that he has heard some of the speculation out there suggesting that this season could be the end. However, he also says that nothing has been said just yet to confirm that this will be so.

In reality, it would be silly for MTV to make some sort of proclamation about the future of “Jersey Shore” before the season starts unless for some reason they knew that some members of their cast wanted to leave — but it’s hard to see that happening given that they are paid a ton of money to basically hang out in Seaside Heights for a month, party, and work at a “Shore Store” that is basically a giant meet-and-greet with fans. In reality, the future of this current cast will probably depend on the ratings. If the numbers stay strong, it’s possible that we could see a season 7 — even with Snooki as a mom and with so many people locked in serious relationships. However, a decline in numbers could lead to producers either rebooting some of the cast (which would keep the brand intact but save them some money) or just end the show outright and focus on some of the spin-offs.

Do you think that MTV really even knows at this point whether or not “Jersey Shore” will end after the new season? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more leading up to the October 4 premiere. To check out our recent piece criticizing the premiere date, be sure to visit this link.

Photo: MTV

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