‘Breaking Bad’ spoilers: Walt as ‘Jesse James’

We have a first look at Sunday night’s new episode of “Breaking Bad,” and we are quickly learning one thing about a certain new character in Lydia — she is very good at figuring out how to save her own hide.

After Mike made it very clear that Lydia was to blame for the methylamine at the warehouse having a tag on it, he wanted to kill her on the spot — however, she may have just been able to buy herself some more time by sending Walt and Jesse on a pretty dangerous mission to find the mother lode of the stuff. The “Jesse James” analogy made during the promo seems to be appropriate — Bryan Cranston’s character is rapidly approaching the levels of villainy made famous by that character, and it also looks like they are heading for the sort of showdown that you would typically expect to see in the Old West.

What also seems to be apparent is that this episode is going to deviate more from the home life after nearly all of “Fifty-One” was spent on the deterioration of the White household — whether it be Skyler’s move to get the children out of the house or Walt trying to bully her into having them come back. There’s no real escape for anyone in this family at the moment, so they only place that Walt sees himself going is deeper — and the worst of him is probably still to come.

Check back later in the week, as we will have a longer sneak peek of this episode — which should hopefully bring us back to some of the action-packed installments we saw in seasons 3 and 4. Also, be sure to share your thoughts below on the following question — do you think that Lydia is going to make i out of this episode alive?

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Photo: AMC

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