‘Big Brother 14’ rankings: Britney Haynes, Ian Terry fight it out

It’s pretty clear that the game has changed pretty dramatically since the last time we published rankings about “Big Brother 14.” The coaches are now in the game, Frank has found a way to survive, and the current Head of Household has emerged from the land of floaters to become a serious player.

So who is really the favorite now? It really comes down to who has not only the strongest alliance, but also is strong enough to win in a jury vote at the end regardless of who they are up against. Of course, they also have to be capable of making it tthere without having to win every Power of Veto under the sun.

12. Janelle Pierzina (last week: not ranked) – Unlike past seasons, Janelle does not look like she can escape being on the block here. Not only does she have a reputation of being a strong player, but Boogie has been able to twist her into tthe biggest liar in the house. We still give her around a 15% chance of staying, but if that happens some of these houseguests may be completely out of their mind.

11. Frank Eudy (last week: #8) – Frank is the cockroach of the “Big Brother” game. No matter how many times he is stomped on, either he, Boogie, or the producers find a way to keep him still alive. He’s probably going to end up lasting beyond this week, and if he wins Head of Household, he could do some serious damage to anyone in his way.

10. Joe Arvin (last week: #7) – Joe is the walking dead in the “Big Brother” house. He has no real alliance with anyone, has no idea what is going on, and will only be saved next week if one of the stronger players decides to target a bigger threat.

9. Wil Heuser (last week: #5) – Wil could be classified as a bigger threat — he does at least have a new alliance with Jenn and Ashley, but the problem here is that none of these three seem altogether capable of actually winning a challenge and making a big move in this game.

8. Shane Meaney (last week: #6) – Does Shane have a pretty strong alliance of people at the moment? Sure, but these people are not stupid — and if Boogie, Frank, Dan, or even Britney decides that he is too big of a physical threat to make it to the end, we see him being the first guy outside of Frank from this alliance to go.

7. Mike “Boogie” Malin (last week: not ranked) – Boogie is in a similar sort of position, but for strategic reasons over him being a huge challenge threat. Nobody wants to see someone win twice, and what’s probably going to happen with Boogie here is that he will be evicted once his purpose is used up.

6. Jenn Arroyo (last week: #1) – Do we still think that Jenn has the potential to be in this game for a long time? Sure, but she’s in a tricky position right now if she chooses to go against her former coach in Boogie with her new alliance with Wil and Ashley. If their interests end up not lining up, the dullest person in the house is painting a target on her back.

5. Ashley Iocco (last week: #2) – Ashley is still in an okay position, mostly because she has no real major enemies in the game and nobody takes her seriously. With that being said, there are some players left who still value loyalty, and if she makes it to the final five with an alliance of four fighting her, she’s probably going to go home.

4. Dan Gheesling (last week: not ranked) – If we would have to cheer for someone at this point in the game, it would be Dan for his subtle manipulation of everyone this week. Not only did he keep Janelle off the block at first, he is he one who told Danielle to backdoor her later. This has basically been his week as Head of Household, and ┬ánobody seems to realize it. He has his work cut out or him as a former winner, but there’s no question just how much Dan loves to scheme and play this game.

3. Ian Terry (last week: #3) – At this point, Ian is basically a part of just about every alliance in the house — and while he is not in the top two of any of them, he may realize now that the best thing he can do is sit back and watch them all pick each other off. His challenge is going to be justifying his vote to various people, but even with that he’s probably no going to anger anyone enough to be a target.

2. Danielle Murphree (last week: #4) – While her arrogance comes across as irritating at times, Danielle has still done a pretty great job in Dan’s shadow as HoH. Even though she won two challenges this week, Shane and Dan are probably both still targeted as bigger threats to her — and as the first person to send Janelle home early in the game, she has a compelling argument now to win.

1. Britney Haynes – As a coach, you could argue that Britney did horribly when it came to Willie and JoJo. As a player, she’s the snitch that Joe wishes he could be. Britney has some great alliances, and despite not being a physical threat is smart enough to know just what is going on without her. You can never underestimate the psychological impact of being played — after what happened with the Brigade last season, she is doing a pretty brilliant job thus far at making sure that doesn’t happen again.

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