‘Glee’: Ryan Murphy reveals new Lea Michele, Naya Rivera scenes

As a part of his continued efforts to be the kindest showrunner he can be, Ryan Murphy has just unveiled a pair of brand-new scenes that didn’t make the cut during this past season of “Glee.” Seeing one of them not in the episode is not a surprise at all — however, we’re rather stunned about the other one after watching it.

“Goodbye” – Let’s start first and foremost with the scene from the season 3 finale, which sees Kurt (Chris Colfer) reading a message from Rachel (Lea Michele) inside of his yearbook. It’s a sweet moment where Rachel lets her good friend know just how important that he is to her, but we also understand why this scene was left on the cutting room floor. At the end of the day, it really is just a scene that explains some feelings that we already knew were there between these two friends.

“I Kissed a Girl” – This is the one that we were really surprised about, mostly because i features Naya Rivera’s Santana coming out to a group of people who may have been her most discerning critics — her fellow Cheerios. Considering that you have Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) to contend with here, wasn’t this scene valuable enough to make it to air? It’s nice see Santana explicitly come out — even if it was due to pressure from an attack ad that could hurt Sue’s campaign for Congress that she later ended up losing to Burt Hummel.

There are a pair of funny lines in this scene — with the first one coming from Becky (Lauren Potter) and the second one being a reference by Sue to the abundance of GLBT characters that there are on this show.

Which one of these scenes do you find is the stronger one, or do you wish that both of them had made the final cut of their respective episodes? We want to hear from you below! To check out some season 4 scoop from Michele, be sure to visit our story here.

Photo: Fox

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