‘The Glass House’ review: A surprising twist changes the game

Say what you will about “The Glass House” — the ratings may be beyond terrible, but at least producers are still trying to put a few twists into the game to keep things remotely interesting.

For one thing, it’s also interesting to see how much editing influences the game. After seeing Gene and Joy come across as favorites early on, Joy went home this week after screaming at people for several episodes on end. Meanwhile, Gene was finally stuck in the bottom after getting progressively more and more arrogant as the season went on. As a matter of fact, he looked like he was about to storm out of this house in a huff the moment he found out the news.

What was just as interesting, though, was seeing a swap in the cast. Mike and Joy had an opportunity to re-enter the house so long as someone who was there took a massive cash prize to leave. In a move that was unsurprising, Stephanie did the smart thing and actually took the money. She had no shot at actually winning this game, and it was so much smarter for her to take he money that she could and got straight out of Dodge.

Mike was voted back to the game in what was another blow to Gene, and then he was even forced to work with him in a pretty creative team challenge that incorporated some funny votes from America along with some skill about working with marionettes. The twist here? You could score a number of points for your own team … but you could also give yourself a giant wad of cash. Ironically, Jeffrey as a captain was the person who went for the money on his team, and Mike smartly went for some cash, as well, knowing that he was not that popular with the viewers at home.

So after this better-than-average week in the house, Gene is going to be heading into limbo against someone in Erica who was voted in for one reason and one reason only — they wanted somebody to face off against him who had a decent shot at coming back into the game. Jeffrey was the swing vote, and for the second time he is putting his trust firmly in America’s hands.

Do you think that Gene is actually going to be leaving the show this week?┬áTo check out more of the latest “Glass House” news, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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