‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Joe and Ashley’s ‘scramble’

On Monday night in the “Big Brother 14” house, we were reminded of something relatively simple — just because you are not on the block does not mean that you can breathe a sigh of a relief. After all, you still have the future to think about.

(Warning: The following information comes courtesy of the live feed. Read on at your own risk.)

At this point in time, Ashley and Joe realize they are in some trouble — especially Joe, since Ashley has a secret alliance now that she has formed with Wil and Jenn. They are trying to console their former coach Janelle — who is now on the block — but they are also being pretty self-aware here in realizing that she is probably going to leave this game in a not-so-close vote on Thursday night. The three shared a conversation on Monday night as to what moves they should try to make, but really there were not too many ideas tossed around outside of trying to figure out how they were blindsided to begin with.

Does she have any sort of hope at staying at all? Really, the one and only thing that she could hope for is a group of Ashley, Joe, Ian, and Jenn all deciding to vote to keep her — but this is beyond a longshot considering Ian’s devotion to Boogie. (Jenn may be a little bit more fluid at the moment.)

At this point, you almost get a sense that everyone — even those close to Janelle — realize that she is at this point a sinking ship. The only person who doesn’t seem to get it is Joe, and he will soon enough. While we’re sure that there will be plenty more campaigning in the days and weeks ahead, what we are really more interested in seeing is just how some of these people at the bottom manage to find a way to stay alive in this game beyond next week — and if they can.

Do you think any of the people on Janelle’s team have a realistic chance at winning this game?┬áTo check out more of the latest updates straight from the live feed, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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