‘Bachelor Pad 3’ review: No one messes with Ed Swiderski!

We wish we had more positive things to say about “Bachelor Pad” his season, but when your biggest bit of drama is between two people who are actually friends in real life (in Ed Swiderski and Reid Rosenthal) over something that happened three years ago, you know that your show is a little bit disappointing compared to the walk in the swamp that was Jake Pavelka vs. Vienna Girardi 2.0 last year.

Really, the fight between these two guys was pretty simple — Reid, in some sort of desperate attempt to “win” this time after losing Jillian Harris to Ed several seasons ago, decided that he was going to create a secret group of assassins to get Ed out. The problem? One of them in Sarah Newlon decided to spill the beans on it … and then a new plan of sorts started up to get Reid out. This battle between the two men was the most interesting one of the night, mostly because we were looking at a guy who was just trying to cause drama because he was so desperate to win, it didn’t matter that the person he was hurting was someone who thought they were close. The only thing more appropriate that Reid going home at the end of this? Watching Jaclyn Swartz tearing apart his photo before throwing it into the slot.

When it came to the women, it wasn’t really as exciting as the show made it out to be — mostly because the woman who was sent home in Donna was someone who was barely on the show outside of her fawning all over Michael during their date last week. She was a newbie, we barely knew her, and we will hardly miss her compared to Blakeley — one of the few people on this season who needs to be here for drama alone.

On the dating side of things this week, newcomer David (who is really only memorable because he wins things) ended up handing Jamie a rose on his prom-themed date — which was most notable in how much he managed to anger Blakeley, who thought she deserved the rose in a show of loyalty, in the process. As for the women, it was much more predictable in that Rachel Truehart took a “group” of guys on her date, but really she was just interested in dating Michael Stagliano and pretending that Nick Peterson and Tony Pieper weren’t even there to begin with. (It probably doesn’t help that this date involved a rather un-romantic thing in becoming a wax figure.) Speaking of Nick, he managed to at least make Donna’s dream come true of making out with some random person before she was sent out the door.

Do you think the right two people went home, and are you as bored with this season in many ways as we are? To check out what Ed had to say about this episode prior to it airing, be sure and check out the story here.

Photo: ABC

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