‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’: Pam Anderson swearing off dating

Mrs. Carter: Look who’s trying to stay away from the dating world now!

After spending several years making headlines when it comes to her personal life, former “Baywatch” star Pam Anderson has stated that she is going to be actually staying away from dating through her time on “Dancing with the Stars” for its upcoming “All-Stars” season this fall. Considering that some of her past exes include the likes of Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, this is probably a good thing when it comes to keeping attention on what really matters most — the dancing.

Out of the entire cast on this season coming up in the fall, Anderson is actually the only member of the cast who has not made it into the final three — as a matter of fact, she didn’t even come particularly close. What she does bring to the table, though, is a name that is timeless as one of the most popular women on the internet, and she also has a new strategy to get farther this season — actually using some of her family to try and launch some sort of social-media campaign. Anderson admits to People Magazine that she was not particularly savvy when it came to rallying support the first time around, and she is going to need to find another way to do that if she wants to last longer this time. Remember — the same people who have supported Pam all of these years are not the same sort of people who watch this show.

Do you think Pam could actually last for a long time this season, and do you think her swearing off dating is a good move to improve her chances? Be sure to share what you think below! To find out some more news when it comes to another contestant from this season in Bristol Palin, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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