‘Glee’ casting new roles, including potential Sue Sylvester ally

Who’s joining the show next?

With the third season of “Glee” getting ready to start filming, it’s time to start playing everyone’s favorite game — casting director!

Based on some new reports, the show is currently looking to bring on board three new characters for this coming season. The first two actually seem like what Santana and Quinn were conceived to be at one time — “mean girls.” One of the two (Sugar) is a wealthy student with no singing talent at all, whereas the other (Sheila) is decorated with tattoos — which is a bit surprising considering her age.

As for the third character, all bets seem to suggest that it will be a potential ally for Sue Sylvester. The woman is a geometry teacher named Nancy, and she is more than happy with the idea of getting rid of arts education in schools.

Who would you like to see cast in these roles? (There is also a male character being cast in “Bubba,” a football player who is meant to be Mercedes’ new love interest.)

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