‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The Veto Ceremony results are in

If everything went down according to plan in the “Big Brother 14” house on Monday, then the Power of Veto ceremony likely produced one of the most shocking moments of the season. So did a popular houseguest end up getting backdoored? Read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

Before the ceremony started, it seemed as though Mike “Boogie” had finally convinced Dan that putting up Janelle on the block for eviction was the best move that the group of six (Frank, Boogie, Danielle, Dan, Shane, and Britney) could make to secure themselves great odds of winning future challenges. Janelle is clearly an enormous threat, and none of her players in the game in Wil, Ashley, and Joe have proven themselves to be capable of much of anything outside of sitting around the house, and, in the case of Joe, screaming in the DR.

Thankfully, Danielle did listen and opened that door for what should very well be a week’s worth of great TV. With Janelle now up on the block and Wil safe, we have a shown between Janelle and Frank that is going to be fascinating to watch. Boogie is going to have to work overtime to ensure that Janelle does not put any thoughts in anyone’s head that she is the right person to keep, and Janelle is really going to have to work hard to convince people that Frank is really a worse player to have around in this game. Do we think this is going to happen? Probably not, and Boogie is probably trying to set up a Chillown diary room at this very moment to have a good laugh about what he just managed to pull off.

Do you think trying to get out Janelle is really the best move for Danielle to make, or do you think that she is actually making a pretty big error in underestimating just how dangerous Boogie and Frank can be as a pair? To get some more insight into how exactly Boogie was able to set this move up, be sure and check out our story by heading over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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