‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Suffering from within

There is definitely going to be quite a bit going on when “Dexter” airs its season 7 premiere on September 30 — not only are we going to witness Dexter trying to cover his tracks after Deb starts to figure out his secret, but there is going to be plenty going on within the Miami Metro family.

According to a report via Zap2It, a tragedy is going to strike the force in some shape or form, and Dexter may actually be able to use this to his favor in order to act out his evil ways. The problem? He still makes a mistake, and it is one that could have implications for him the rest of this season.

When we mention this “mistake,” it’s hard to necessarily consider it a major spoiler, since it has been out there already for weeks — something is going to lead to LaGuerta discovering a blood slide that leads to her starting to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher case all over again. She is desperate to try and exonerate Sargent Doakes after seeing his name dragged through the mud in season 2, and this could end up spelling some very bad news or Dexter if she can connect the slide to what he has been doing for years now. He’s just become more clever at disposing of his remains.

As for the tragedy that was mentioned earlier, let’s just say that some things are better off remaining a surprise — while we may dish some plot details here and there, we’re never one to ruin tragedy before it strikes. (Hey, you have to draw the line somewhere.)

Is there a part of you that thinks that Dexter could be arrested by the end of this season? To read up about another shocker that you can expect during the season premiere, be sure to check out the story at this link.

Photo: Showtime

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