2012 Emmy rankings: Kristen Wiig, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star face off

While there seems to be a general consensus that one of the male stars from “Modern Family” is probably going to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, the same is not necessarily as concrete when it comes to the supporting ladies. There are some pretty stellar performances across the board here, and we actually (gasp!) do not think that either Sofia Vergara or Julie Bowen is the favorite here.

So who is? Check out our rankings below to find out, and be sure to vote on some of your favorites in the poll at the bottom of this article.

The rankings

6. Merritt Wever, “Nurse Jackie” – It’s nice to see Wever nominated this year being deserving for quite a while — but we may as well be honest here and say that she is really just lucky to be at the party. She’s not going to go home with the gold this year.

5. Sofia Vergara, “Modern Family” – While Julie Bowen has benefited from the ABC juggernaut having over 60 episodes, we’re not sure Vergara’s Gloria has had the same benefit. Sure, the show has made her into an enormous star, but this is also the most polarizing character on the entire series.

4. Mayim Bialik, “The Big Bang Theory” – We personally love the fact that Mayim is nominated here for a role that has invigorated her show in a major way. We do realize that Amy Farrah Fowler is to many the same sort of polarizing character that Gloria is to “Modern Family,” but we appreciate the depth she adds to the comedy and her off-the-charts chemistry with Jim Parsons — whose character of Sheldon Cooper really only knows the sort of chemistry that comes in a beaker.

3. Kathryn Joosten, “Desperate Housewives” – This is the biggest wild card inclusion out of arguably any major category. Joosten was a stellar actor before her death earlier this year, but her character really did not have the same opportunities to shine as any of the others on this list. Do Emmy voters pick based on their personal favorite, or do they decided instead to tribute a great performer? It’s a toss-up, which is why she seems perfectly suited for the middle of this list.

2. Julie Bowen, “Modern Family” – Joosten has an outside chance at winning this award, and Bowen has a pretty good shot. Not only is she the reigning champ, but the massive Emmy voting block for this show is likely to flock to her over another great season at trying to hold down the Dunphy fort as Claire. She’s certainly one of the more admirable (and patient) characters on TV.

1. Kristen Wiig, “Saturday Night Live” – If this was not Wiig’s final season on “SNL,” we may have given the edge to Bowen — however, we have a hard time thinking that Emmy voters are going to look past one of the greatest performers in the history of the show. “Bridesmaids” also boosted Wiig’s profile dramatically, and we have to think that the Emmys’ love for star power could also make their decision even easier.

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