‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Lea Michele begins location filming

When we saw that Lea Michele’s “Glee” character of Rachel Berry was leaving Ohio for the bright lights of New York City, one of our biggest questions was just if Ryan Murphy and the rest of the production would really continue to film her scenes in New York considering that it would have to be done now on a regular basis, or try and film the series elsewhere while giving it the same sort of authentic feel.

Well, we know the answer now … and let’s just say that it is looking good for those of you hoping that Rachel will be getting the full New York experience. Here’s what Michele had to say in a post on her Twitter account this week:

“If you haven’t guessed.. I’m in New York City! So excited to be here! Did lots of fun stuff in the city yesterday.. Now today.. Work!”

Based on the way in which filming has progressed so far, it looks as though he majority of the indoor scenes for Rachel this season will be shot in Los Angeles, but that she will make occasional trips to the Big Apple just so that there is some footage of her outside — in addition to her being at a few familiar landmarks that even people living outside of New York will recognize. We know, for example, that she has filmed a good many scenes with Kate Hudson back at their dance studio set in California.

While we are starting to get a greater sense of what Rachel is up to for season 4, the jury’s still out on her on-again, off-again boyfriend / fiance Finn. Last we heard, he was joining the Army in order to regain some respect to his family name — and unfortunately, Cory Monteith is not being so kind as to share any further information (mostly because “Glee” watchdogs would probably hunt him down if he did over this super-secret story).

How many outdoor scenes are you expecting with Rachel on the streets of New York City? We want to hear your thoughts below! If you want to check out some thoughts from Amber Riley on one of the upcoming episodes, be sure to check out our story here.

Photo: Fox

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