‘The Newsroom’ review: A picture of Osama bin Laden’s demise

May 1, 2011. Anyone who is American likely remembers where they were when the news first broke that Osama bin Laden announced as dead. How they found out the news is particularly interesting in the modern information age — some people learned on Twitter, some from their friends, and some from watching everything unfold on television.

What was particularly interesting about Sunday night’s new episode of “The Newsroom” was not just the subject of the end of bin Laden’s life, but also the way in which this information was passed along. While the jabs at Fox News were a tad too predictable for our taste, we loved the journey of finding out the whispers of his death from sources up to it actually breaking on the air. It was at times over-dramatic, but this was the sort of fervor that it was reported with on this day. The real-world connections here were also palpable, whether it be the tweet from The Rock teasing the news to people informing anyone and everyone of the news off the air as soon as they could. It was a time to be either be excited, or sit back and reflect upon the tragedy that was on September 11. (Both sides were well-represented here.)

As fascinating as this story was to watch unfold, we would be silly to say that this was the only story attempted by the show this week. Instead, we also had Lisa dumping Jim (who didn’t “love” her like she wanted), only for him to ask her out again later in a “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” sort of scenario. There were more signs of Maggie and Don’s relationship falling apart, and Will was nearly so high from a party as his apartment hours before the broadcast that he could barely function. Add in Neal thinking that the “big news” from the White House could be about UFOs, and there were some genuine laughs here.

Just as the serious is as a whole, we have a feeling that “5/1” is going to be a polarizing “Newsroom” installment. Some out there probably wish that the show was darker, or not so pompous and preachy as it can be. At the same time, we like the power that comes through some of these flawed characters — there’s really not a representation of hope out there on cable television these days, and while everything is far from perfect in the world of ACN, you still get the feeling that they are doing good work and getting things done the right way.

Do you like how “The Newsroom” handled Osama bin Laden’s death? We want to hear your thoughts below!┬áTo check out the latest defense from show creator Aaron Sorkin, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: HBO

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