‘Weeds’ review: Season 8 stays full of surprises

Let’s recap really quick what we have seen in the eighth season of “Weeds” so far — we have seen Nancy emerge from a coma, confront the person responsible for putting her in a coma, quit the pot business, got her kid on a soccer team, and thanks to one of the soccer dads now finally has an ordinary job that caters to her specific strengths. And to think, this is without even mentioning any of the other characters.

Right away, we have to say that we are thrilled that Nancy has finally figured out a way to use her skills in “medicine” in a way that is actually legal — by working in pharmaceuticals, and even bringing one of her sons in to help out with the business of creating a pot substitute of sorts while working under the comic book store owner from “The Big Bang Theory” (otherwise known as Kevin Sussman, the master of awkward geek humor). Was all of this a rather convenient escape for the character? Sure, but this is not “Breaking Bad” and we are all sitting around hoping that Nancy falls apart. We want her to have a happy ending, and this is an opportunity for her to get just that in a way that is still entertaining and keeps her in a creative job.

Speaking of things that are both awkward and entertaining, did anyone see Jill’s pregnancy reveal coming? While it makes sense considering that her past one-night stand with Doug adds some drama to what would otherwise be a pretty clear-cut scenario, we still did not see Andy becoming a biological dad potentially after spending so long helping out others. Maybe this is his way towards a happy ending, as well, even if the child does not end up being his.

Considering that the series finale is still over a month away, we really wonder just where else the show is going to go. So many characters took major steps towards happiness this week — and while we can anticipate some conflict coming up as Nancy continues to distance herself from her past, will it be enough to make the ending as poignant as it could be? It may just depending on what of story the writers have been carefully cultivating for the next few weeks.

What did you think about this episode, and for entertainment purposes alone, do you think that it is better if Doug turns out to be the dad here? To check out some scoop on the upcoming “Weeds” series finale, be sure to visit our story over at this link

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