‘Breaking Bad’ review: Skyler goes under

Sometimes, the explosions on “Breaking Bad” happen from within. This is why after weeks of seeing Walt and Jesse start to set up their new operation after the death of Gus Fring, Sunday night’s episode focused entirely on the struggle within Walt’s own home. Skyler has been struggling for weeks to cope with the world crumbling around her, and she finally decided to take matters into her own hands — or at least as much as she could bear to do.

There has been a part of us screaming at Anna Gunn to find a way to tell her fictional alter ego to just turn Walt in, but she can’t — she’s implicated in this along with him, and now the only thing she can try to do is finally try to protect those that she cares about the most. This is why she decided to jump into the swimming pool during Walt’s miserable 51st birthday party — she knew that somebody would rescue her, but she used it as leverage to send the kids off to live with Marie and Hank — a lawman that will jump on Walt the moment he realizes that something really is amiss. Is this one of the defining moments of the season so far? If nothing else, it has to be near the top of the list.

The scenes between Walt and Skyler near the end of this episode were rough to watch, and this is yet another sign of why this show is so brilliant — while you could say that the jump in the pool was a bit melodramatic for this show, it was justified — and we felt every quiver in Skyler’s voice as she fought for her children by sending them away, and then even more so when she said that she was pining for the day when Walt’s cancer returned to his body, and that shuffling her kids around was a diversion until that happens. It’s clear that she is a woman without much of a plan, but any step forward has to be defined as progress in dealing with a man who has become so evil within the past year of his life.

On the blue trade front, there was some development this week — mostly in that Jesse discovered (via Lydia’s prompt) that the DEA was tracking some of the barrels for some valuable materials. Mike gave her a “pass” the first time … but now, he is out for blood when it comes to a character that we only met weeks ago.

How rough was it for you to watch some of the scenes between Skyler and Walt this week? Be sure to share some your thoughts below, and you can check out the link here to see some more scoop on the rest of season 5.

Photo: AMC

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