‘Big Brother 13’: Brendon gets a Ph.D in strange gameplay

Brendon: “master” of everything.

Wednesday night’s new episode of “Big Brother 13” could be best interpreted as “The Brendon Show.” We saw a guy brag repeatedly about being better than everyone, smarter than everyone, and also capable of curing cancer if he gets voted out of this game early. (Seriously — he said that.)

Really, there is only one major move during this episode that Brendon actually managed to make — winning the Power of Veto, which was the weakest of the season from an entertainment perspective since it was really just a re-hash of everything we have seen thus far. He and Rachel had their “romantic running into each other’s arms” moment, and then quickly realized that one of them would still likely be going home.

It was at this point that “Master of Gameplay” Brendon decided to make his next move — falling on his own sword. He actually had a relatively clever idea in pretending as if he was going to use the Veto on himself, but you don’t have to be a Ph.D student to think through multiple options. Head of Household Daniele came up with a plan for a replacement nominee based on who would be pulled off the block, and it resulted in Jordan going up against Brendon.

So based on this, it appears that Brendon is going to have some time to go home and try to solve all of the problems of mankind. At this moment, Rachel is the only vote that seems to be a certainty for him to stay — but what was ultimately the most hilarious part of this episode was that in keeping himself on the block, Brendon did exactly what Daniele wanted in keeping himself on the block.

Based on this episode, has your impression of Brendon as a strategist changed at all?

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