‘True Blood’ review: Are you shocked at Bill’s [spoiler]?

Last week on “True Blood,” we saw the beginnings of a brand-new Vampire Authority with Salome at the helm and Russell Edgington at her side — but there was still a pair of men who could stop the wheels in Eric Northman and Bill Compton.

But was Bill really as sold on helping Eric as we would hope? Sunday night’s episode definitely made us have our doubts early on, when we saw Stephen Moyer’s character express some hesitancy over what his destiny was going to be. With everything else in his life falling apart, maybe the authority was the answer — and after concocting a plan at first to try and ensure that they escaped from the gasp of the Authority without a problem, it didn’t quite out work out as expected and our doubts turned out to be reality. Who do we blame for this? Not so much Bill, since it was actually Salome who really caused him to be brainwashed — or was it Salome disguising herself as Lilith? Are these two really the same person by some measure? We really don’t have any idea, but it made for the trademark “True Blood” twist that we have come to know and love from this show.

Somehow, this shocker managed to rank over a few others that we saw during this episode:

-Sam and Sheriff Andy finally figuring out who was the “Dragon” behind the supernatural killings, and it was none other than former Sheriff Bud and his new girlfriend. This was surprising enough, but then we were positively stunned to see Andy suddenly grow a pair of shoot his old boss himself.

-Alcide seeking the counsel of his father after running out of other options, and traveling out to Jackson to do so.

-After nearly getting tricked into what he thought was a fair fight with Patrick, Terry shot the man and exorcised himself from the Ifrit demon that has been haunting him for years. Finally, his family can be at peace.

-Luna’s daughter being held hostage by none other than Russell Edgington, who stole her from Alcide’s former pack when Martha wouldn’t drink his blood.

It was interesting to see a few developments in some of these stories, but we do have to ask — what is the show going to do with Andy, Terry, and Arlene for the rest of the season? While we say this, it’s actually a good thing that the show gives some of the remaining stories a little more time to shine.

What did you think about this episode? To check out some more “True Blood”-related news, be sure to visit the story here.

Photo: HBO

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