Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne: Jeff Ross, Seth Green stir the pot

On Saturday night, Comedy Central taped their much-anticipated Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne — and as expected, there were plenty of zingers. However, what was a bit more of a surprise was seeing how far Jeff Ross went over the line to draw some headlines in the wake of some major tragedies.

First and foremost, the famed “Roastmaster General” showed up dressed like Joe Paterno — a reference to the Jerry Sandusky scandal that has literally caused the Penn State Football Program to fall apart at the scenes. Then, he also made the following comment about one of his fellow roasters in Seth Green:

“Congratulations … This is actually a really big night for you. You haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora.

“I’m kidding! … You’re not like James Holmes. At least he’s doing something in a movie theater that people remember.”

Thankfully, Green did not drop to this same level when it came to his comedy, opting instead for a series of jokes that Roseanne can surely take about her weight:

“The thing with Roseanne is she has enough money not to work. But she still does a TV show every few years to punish the rest of us. You’ve even had two reality shows, which is a lot for someone who is completely out of touch with reality.”

Ross did draw a few boos for his comment, and the question is if he stepped over the line. While we didn’t love the joke, comedy is purely subjective — and there are probably those within the comedy world that will probably say that this is within the lines of what is acceptable. We are fans of roasts in general, and what we are curious to see is if these jabs get edited into the broadcast.

Do you think that Ross’ comments were out of line? To check out the full lineup of roasters that appeared for the big event, be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: Comedy Central

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