‘Jersey Shore’ season 6 debate: Is October really the right time?

When we first heard the news on Friday that “Jersey Shore” was going to return to MTV on October 4, our immediate reaction was one of excitement. After watching spin-off shows that were unequivocally inferior — in particular a “Pauly D Project” that really seemed to exist to remind us that Pauly D is amazing and the greatest DJ of all time — this still gets us talking as the guilty pleasure TV that we want to stand up for when hipsters mock us at parties.

But while we always expected the show to return at some point in September or October given that the gang would otherwise be off the air for almost a year before returning, we still have to wonder … are we getting too much of the “Jersey Shore” gang at one time? Remember, the reason “American Idol” stayed popular for so long is that it airs only once a year. Even “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — which is surrounded by a number of spin-off shows like the MTV hit that feature crossovers and cameos — only airs once a year. Otherwise, you are running on overkill. By the time this new season premieres, the first season of “Snooki & JWoww” is going to be pretty fresh in everyone’s mind. (Thankfully, there is at least a small break in there.) Before that, there was “The Pauly D Project” — and right before that, there was “Jersey Shore” season 5. Casual viewers may not watch all the spin-offs, bu even diehard fans may find themselves getting tired out with spending a good two-thirds of 2012 thus far watching the same group of “guidos” and “guidettes.”

There is one other issue that comes with season 6 starting up when it is, and this is something that we have mentioned before — heavy competition. It’s close to the start of basketball season, Thanksgiving is going to break the season up, and it will be in direction competition with some new programming on some major television networks — including the heavily-touted CBS drama “Elementary.”

Are we still excited about “Jersey Shore”? Definitely. We’ve never missed an episode, and it’s the closest thing at times to a slapstick comedy that reality TV can produce. Even after a lackluster season 5, we are still excited. However, we know that the ratings last season reflected some of what we have said about it, and there needs to be some sort of major shot in the arm to get people enthused again. Without a break for people to know what they are missing, we’re just not sure if it will happen.

Do you wish that “Jersey Shore” was getting off to a little bit of a later start, or is October the right premiere date in your mind? To check out some more news on the “Jersey Shore” announcement, be sure to read our article over at this link.

Photo: MTV

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