‘True Blood’ preview: What has Bill confused?

If you thought that Bill Compton was just acting like a Lilith follower on “True Blood” in order to protect his own hide, you may be a little bit surprised by a clip from Sunday night’s new episode “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

While at their familiar recent hideout in the Vampire Authority, Eric made the decision to confront Stephen Moyer’s character about his behavior — accusing him of “laying it on a little thick” in hopes of trying to gain favor with he likes of Salome, Russell, and Nora. Bill’s response? That he may not even be acting at all. After all, he did see Lilith — and with Sookie no longer with him and his world falling apart, he is struggling to understand just where he fits in when it at the moment.

Eric, of course, responded to this with a rather compelling argument of his own — that what he and Bill saw that night from Lilith was drug-induced after drinking her blood — after all, Eric also saw a vision of Godric. Their real key to salvation — or at least the freedom to find a way to stop this new Authority — was to try and just stay away from this blood to the best of their ability.

Sooner or later, these vampires are going to invade Bon Temps — and we have to wonder whether or not Bill and Eric are going to be able to do anything to stop them and protect the people that they claim to love.

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Photo: HBO

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