‘The Newsroom’ preview: About President Obama’s big announcement

If you look at the timeline of “The Newsroom” as a series thus far — coupled with the fact that Sunday night’s new episode is entitled “5/1” — it’s not going very hard to figure out that the “historic announcement” that President Barack Obama is about to make is pertaining to the death of Osama bin Laden. With that being said, it definitely doesn’t make the fury surrounding it any less exciting.

What we are hoping to see from this hour is an accurate depiction of something rather than just the Jim / Maggie / Don love triangle and the tension between Will and Mackenzie (even if we understand he stories’ importance in filling out the show) — we want a story about the chaos that can be news coverage. When it was first revealed that there was a major announcement coming up on this day, the entire nation was in a tizzy — and so was the media to try and figure out what it could be. The confusion in this promo is accurate, as we see reporters and crew members scramble to try and figure it out — did it involve Gadhafi, a financial crisis, or something pertaining to domestic policy? The fact that it happened just one day after the annual White House Correspondents Day Dinner created even more pandemonium, as everyone in Washington was still calming down after the festivities.

Once the secret is finally revealed, the interest will be in how “News Night” tries to compete with every other network on the air. We live in an age of mass media, and there are only so many sources that were in the know when it came to SEAL Team 6 and their mission, and they are going to be spread pretty thin talking to reporters.

How do you want to see “The Newsroom” tackle the bin Laden killing? To check out a recent defense of the polarizing series courtesy of creator Aaron Sorkin, be sure to read the story here.

Photo: HBO

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