‘Bachelor Pad 3’ rankings: Chris Bukowski enters the fold

When it comes to arrogant contestants on a show that bleeds arrogance in “Bachelor Pad 3,” sometimes having an attitude and thinking ahead can get your far. Do we think that Chris Bukowski’s flip-flopping when it comes to the women is going to get him booted from the game and damage his romantic prospects in the real world? Sure, but for at least the next few weeks we actually don’t see him going anywhere — and thus, he makes our top five for the first time.

5. Chris Bukowski (last week: not ranked) – The one thing Chris is doing well is that he is thinking about who among the women are likely to go far in the game — we don’t so much like his methods of choosing romantic partners, but masterminds (see Kasey from last season) do at least have a reputation of lasting for a few weeks.

4. Rachel Truehart (last week: #1) – We do think that Rachel probably hurt herself in the game a little bit by kissing Michael Stagliano and getting close to a man who has already won this game. Not only that, but obsessed fan Donna is probably going to come chasing after her and calling for her head. She is on the right side of the numbers, though, and if she survives the next few weeks the former Ben Flajnik suitor could still go far in this game.

3. Ed Swiderski (last week: #2) – Considering how much Reid Rosenthal wants he guy out, it’s probably ridiculous to put this guy so high — but at the same time, we can’t really see that many people outside of Reid targeting Ed. He’s just so easygoing and non-threatening, and we have a feeling every person in this game would rather compete with him than somebody like Chris.

2. Sarah Newlon (last week: #3) – No woman is playing a better game of deception — and by that, we mean doing nothing and allowing the other ladies to all pick each other off. This strategy works well in this game, and then once you start getting into the later rounds you can make the moves you need to survive.

1. Tony Pieper (last week: #5) – We are a little worried about Tony being a sympathy vote threat, but we like his competitive spirit — he’s there to play the game more so than find love, and he’s no having the meltdowns he was on Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette.” If he keeps that up, he’s easily going to be the kind of guy that the other contestants are going to want to vote on as the champion of the season.

Who would you put at the top of your ranking? We want to hear from you below! To check out a sneak peek of Monday night’s new episode, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: ABC

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