‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Ezra’s brother and ‘The Kahn Game’ sneak peeks

Are you ready for all of the supporting characters to appear on Tuesday night’s new episode of “Pretty Little Liars“? Not only is the Kahn family going to be relevant on the show for the first time since season 2, but we are also going to meet yet another connection to Ezra just one week after meeting his not-so-lovely mother — his brother Wesley, who is played on the show by Gregg Sulkin.

We don’t really know much of anything about this character just yet — but based on one sneak peek from the episode, it doesn’t look so much like he and Ezra have much in the way of a relationship at all. Upon Aria’s arrival to her boyfriend’s apartment, she hears a loud argument between the two that leads to Wesley storming out and Ezra forbidding him from properly introducing himself. We don’t know exactly what kind of history there is between these two, but it may be yet another reason why Ezra pretends that his last name is not “Fitzgerald.”

Speaking of people getting angry, Emily is going have a pretty good reason to be fuming when she learns that Hanna and the other Liars have been doing just that when it comes to what they found on Maya’s website. Shay Mitchell’s character does finally get her friend to ‘fess up, but then makes the decision that, despite her offer to watch it with her, that she wants to instead watch the footage of Maya alone.

As for why Hanna kept the videos a secret, she claims that she didn’t want to ruin the short-lived happiness that she was experiencing with Paige.

In our final peek, the attention goes back to a party thrown by the Kahn brothers, and how Spencer is not entirely keen on seeing Hanna go — though she has some pretty different opinions on the matter.

What do you think is going on between Ezra and his brother? To check out some more scoop pertaining to a surprising declaration by Caleb, be sure to read the story here.

Photo: ABC Family

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