‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Frank and Boogie open their eyes

Anyone who watched the live feeds on Friday in the “Big Brother 14” house realized one thing — Frank and Boogie weren’t exactly doing anything to help themselves stay safe in the game. They were distant, grumpy, and spent the vast majority of their time complaining about some of the other houseguests.

Is it possible that Frank could end up being taken off the block? It’s unlikely if someone else wins the Veto, but he did make a good argument to Dan and Danielle that he and Boogie could work with them for a little while and be effective — especially when it comes to taking down Janelle and some of their players. There is still an opportunity out there to backdoor someone, and it could be useful to get rid of somebody who is an enormous physical threat to win this game. Think of it like this — Frank has only won a single challenge since being in the house. Meanwhile, Janelle is one of the biggest warriors in the history of this game. If they want to try and run the show, it’s important to take out some key players.

Boogie and Frank do have a pretty honest explanation for why they were distant on Friday — they were upset about both the twist and being lied to, and it would have looked disingenuous for them to come up to the Head of Household room and suddenly look like they are okay with everything. However, they realize that this is a new game and that there are ways they can be useful to other players — so why not try and fight for a little while to stay alive in this game? We don’t really think that these two are both going to survive another week, but hats off to them for at least trying.

Do you think that either Frank or Boogie could end up staying in this game for a while if they are safe this coming week? Be sure to share your thoughts below! To check out some more potential conflict between the coaches and the newbies, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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