‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Damon and Elena are far from over

If you were curious that “The Vampire Diaries” was going to finally be done with the love triangle that they have played out over the past three seasons, think again — “Delena” and “Stelena” both are very much going to be alive in some shape or form. However, don’t necessarily think that Nina Dobrev’s character is going to have second thoughts about picking Stefan in the season finale.

If you think back to the history of Damon with Elena, there are two key moments from their past that have been erased from her memory, and she is going to suddenly remember them in vampire form:

1. That she actually met Ian Somerhalder’s vampire before she met Stefan

2. That Damon at one point said that she loved her

Speaking to TVLine about this very thing, here is what executive producer Julie Plec had to say about Elena’s state of mind:

“It’s certainly not the end of Delena, as anyone might be afraid … In fact, in a way, it’s the beginning of the beginning … I wouldn’t want her to be so fickle [about choosing Stefan … but the knowledge of her past with Damon will] imbed itself in her brain a little bit. As she continues to look at herself and her relationship and friendship with Damon, it’s all those new pieces of information that will be important along the way.”

With all of this in mind, we don’t see anything major changing on the relationship front here at least during the first few episodes of the season — as confused as Elena may be as a vampire, she is probably not going to want to be perceived as someone who flip-flops when it comes to matters of the heart in the blink of an eye.

In the long-term, who do you think is better suited to help Elena as she continues along her transformation — Stefan or Damon? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more scoop on an upcoming flashback-focused episode, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: The CW


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