‘Breaking Bad’ preview: Birthdays and bacon

On Sunday night’s all-new edition of “Breaking Bad,” we have a big occasion worth celebrating — Walter White is turning 51 years old! Of course, it is not exactly like we can drown him in a chorus of “happy birthdays” and act like this is going to be a positive occasion worth celebrating.

Instead, what it looks like we are going to see is Skyler White’s continued suffering when it comes to this whole situation. She’s too afraid to run away or even speak out against the man who has been on a warpath ever since defeating Gus Fring, and her current strategy for handling this (and protecting her family) is merely having to sit there and give in to just about everything that he does.

Is this sentiment going to last on Skyler’s part? Probably not, but what is interesting in contrast here is seeing how Walt celebrated with the “bacon tradition” at the start of the show, and how she reluctantly arranges the breakfast food on Walt’s plate during the clip below just to make her son happy. It’s clearly not something that she is doing out of love, and it shows just how much she is looking through the lens of fear.

If you think back to the start of this season, we already know that this is not the only occasion in which we are going to see Walt celebrating a birthday — after all, he is going to be turning the big 52 and celebrating with a meal at Denny’s. As for what this means for his married life in the future, that is certainly to be seen.

Do you think that this could be the last birthday that Walt actually has with his family? To check out some more scoop on the rest of season 5, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: AMC

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