‘The Glee Project’ rankings: Blake Jenner, Ali Stroker square off

Isn’t it hard to believe that the season finale of “The Glee Project” is really just one week away? It definitely is for us, as this season has literally blown by pretty quickly. There are some things we’ll never understand about this show — including why its ratings are so low in contrast to it being quite possibly he best show that Oxygen has on their entire network. It’s inspirational, funny, and there is a prize that we as viewers are actually going to see a result of. It’s different than somebody just winning money and going away forever.

After the stunning exit of Shanna Henderson last week, we are looking at our toughest rankings to create yet. Ryan Murphy proved that he can send anyone home at any time, and his reasons for doing so are rather arbitrary. He is not necessarily looking for the person who is the best singer or actor, but who fits his show well and can play an interesting character.

It’s hard for us to judge based on reading Ryan’s mind, though, so we have to base our content more on what we’ve seen.

The rankings

5. Michael Weisman (last week: #6) – This is actually rather painful for us, mostly because we actually think Michael absolutely kills it in the video from next week’s episode. Unfortunately, we just don’t know if this is going to be enough for him to overcome being perceived as the underdog at this stage of the game, even though you could make the argument that Ryan may want two guys in the final four.

4. Lily Mae Harrington (last week: #5) – Like Michael, Lily was actually safe last week — but this is the time of the competition when you have to look beyond just a single week on the show. Lily has quite frankly been polarizing in that she is extremely talented, but also struggles at times to channel that energy in the right way. We just don’t know if we see “Glee” hiring somebody who has been criticized for giving too many excuses rather than taking ownership of her own mistakes.

3. Aylin Bayramoglu (last week: #4) – There is a major part of us that thinks that Aylin is actually going to win this season, even though we have her ranked below two other singers. The truth is that even though Aylin has been in the bottom three more than either Blake or Ali, she brings something different to the table that we know Ryan would love on the show. No, it’s not just about her religion — it’s more about how she doesn’t let that define who she is.

2. Blake Jenner (last week: #3) – Despite Blake making his debut in the bottom three this past week, there’s really nothing that this guy struggles with outside of harmonies — and that is something that can be taught. So far, Blake’s edit has really mirrored Samuel Larsen’s in many ways, including his own critique from Ryan that he is not necessarily an underdog.

1. Ali Stroker (last week: #1) – We are really just struggling with the idea of not listing someone at the top here when they have killed it on the show for the past month or so. Ali has just upped her game so much, and the biggest word to describe her week in and week out on the show is “professional.” She’s earned herself a job on this show even if it is not “Glee,” since we still don’t know if she specifically is someone Ryan is looking for. Why don’t we know this? She’s only performed for him once, and this was not as a part of the bottom three.

Who is your favorite among the remaining contestants? We want to hear from you below! To check out more from this coming episode, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Oxygen

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