‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: A premiere shocker

We know that the September 30 premiere of “Dexter” is going to contain all sorts of drama courtesy of Dexter’s secret finally being out to Deb — at least when it comes to him killing Travis Marshall at the end of last season.

So could there be something more than that revealed? Is hard to say for sure just yet, but anticipate there being at least one more stunning moment that happens by the end of the episode. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, the moment that most people are going to be talking about from this episode is going to happen near the very end. Jennifer Carpenter’s character is going to ask Dexter a “five-word” question, and how he chooses to answer it is going to get people talking.

Regardless of what sort of question is asked here, we already know that Dexter’s relationship with his sister is never going to be the same. She is going to have to reconcile now being an officer of the law with having a brother committing one of the biggest crimes out there on a regular basis — even if some may feel as though what he is doing is somehow justified by the actions of his victims. We have seen Deb slowly become less of a black-and-white character over the past few seasons, but it is going to be a stretch even for her to be gray enough to look past this.

The other issue that has been often ignored here? That Deb does need Dexter on some sort of professional level, and he does facilitate what she is able to do as an investigator rather well. But does this change now that she knows that her brother is going to kill whoever she is trying to hunt?

What question to you think Deb is going to ask Dex during the premiere? If you want to find out some more scoop related to Yvonne Strahovski about this upcoming season, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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