‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The nominees for eviction are…

As we reported earlier from the “Big Brother 14” house, it was looking as though we were looking at a situation where the nominees were firmly set in stone by the new Head of Household. However, did that end up being the case? With a warning for spoilers for all those who like to remain surprised when the show airs, read on.

At the last minute before the nominations, HoH Danielle admitted that she was a little bit nervous about putting up both Frank and Wil, and was actually feeling a bit more like getting one of the coaches on the block in Boogie — who was actually pulling a Dr. Will and pretty much begging for it to happen.

However, at the end of the day we did see Danielle make the move her former coach wanted her to make. Both Wil and Frank are on the block, with her supposed logic being that she wanted to put somebody who she would ensure would go home over Frank on Thursday night. Despite Boogie’s desperate attempts to get nominated (and they were pretty desperate), it simply didn’t happen and this made him even more upset. Why? We’re actually not really that sure, but he hasn’t really been all that thrilled with the game ever since he learned that he was actually going to be playing it. Our only thinking now is that he is trying to act disengaged to not look like much of a threat, but we’re really not sure it is working. If Frank wins the Veto, the plan is to put Boogie up and send him straight out the door.

On a different note, Ian apparently leaked some information about his conversation with Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney about joining their alliance of four — but not all of it by any means. Now, the alliance really doesn’t trust him. We like Ian a lot, but the kid can’t figure out how to play “Big Brother.” Some people are just meant to be fans and fans only.

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